Rodent Control Devon

Rodent Control Devon

Scratching in the shower panels? Droppings in the dressing room? Uh-oh, something tells us you’ve got a few little visitors come to stay – it’s a good job you found us. We’re going to have to move these little guys out of your home or workplace – and fast. 

At CMPC, we have specialised for over two decades in the fine art of rodent control – in the Devon area and beyond. Working under the strict guidelines of Think Wildlife, RSPH and the National Pest Technician Association, we pride ourselves in using the most reputable methods when it comes to clearing out the critters. 

Stepped into work in your restaurant to discover a rat tucking into last night’s bin-bag leftovers? There’s no quicker way to run an eatery into the ground than to be known to have pests on the premises, so it’s time to act – and fast. The Food Standards Agency will shut you down quicker than you can say “squeak” if you’re found to have a mouse or rat infestation. 

As a family run business, we also understand the importance of affordable pest removal, and offer competitive prices for the Devon and Cornwall areas. The key is to act fast before the problem gets out of control. 

Contact us today and we’ll be over as soon as possible – whether it’s your home, office or restaurant environment – to send your new rodent friends packing before they do any real harm to your property or reputation. Even if you’re not sure whether or not that random scurrying sound could be a rodent, it’s worth giving us a call for some advice and guidance, lest it is a little mousey and the situation worsens without the appropriate approach.

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