The very thought of fleas in the home is enough to make most people’s skin crawl, but it can happen through no fault of your own. Pets can pick up fleas from other animals or places and give them a ride home. Once they arrive, you’ll want to get rid of them fast.

Our RSPH Certified Technicians know exactly what to do when it comes to getting rid of fleas in your home. They understand the habits of Fleas and can offer the most appropriate and effective solution. It goes without saying that all our treatments are safe for your family and pets.

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  • 2-3 mm Long
  • Very Flattenend from side to side with well developed spines and legs for jumping
  • Red to Brown or Black in colour 


Life Cycle

  • Several hundred eggs laid in groups of 4-8



  • Adults can survive several weeks without a blood meal
  • Adults feed on the blood of dogs, cats, but can also feed on humans


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