Woodworm is a general term for many wood boring beetles that can infest and damage structural timbers in buildings, floorboards, furniture and other wooden items. Our specialist woodworm treatments include a 20 year guarantee. 

Some wood boring insects prefer softwoods like pine, spruce and cedar while others like hardwoods such as oak, ash, sweet chestnut and mahogany. All of them will leave some signs if you have an active woodworm infestation:

Signs of Woodworm
  • Fresh exit holes in timber - round or oval in shape with sharp edges, the holes will appear clean and fresh
  • Tunnels in the wood - also known as 'galleries' which are often hidden
  • Bore dust (also known as frass) - caused by emerging adult beetles, usually visible below the infested timber
  • Weak and damaged floorboards - in extreme cases a foot or chair leg going through the floor can indicate a more serious problem
  • Crumbly corners or edges - to roof joists or floorboards
  • Dead beetles - usually found near the infested timber or around nearby windowsills


If left untreated, woodworm can seriously weaken timber, which can eventually lead to structural failure in a building.


We treat woodworm issues in properties of all ages and sizes. Our expert technicians are based across the Cornwall & Devon, and are ready to provide specialist treatments to control woodworm infestations.

All woodworm treatments are designed to disrupt at least one of the lifecycle stages of the beetles. Our treatments target the young larvae buried in the timber. With a lifecycle of at least 3 to 4 years there may still be some beetles that reach adulthood and emerge from the timber after treatment. This is known as 'post treatment emergence'. Any eggs that these beetles leave in cracks, crevices or old flight holes of the treated timbers will not survive, therefore breaking the woodworm lifecycle.

Our technicians commonly use the best specialist treatments to deal with woodworm problems:

  • Water based treatment - this is designed to minimise the exposure of people, pets and the environment to chemicals used within our treatments. To assist with long-term protection the solution will remain within the layers of the timber, cracks, crevices and flight holes to prevent any future infestations becoming established. Our treatments also help in treating fungal decay.


Our specialist woodworm treatments include a 20 year guarantee. 


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