Pest Control Devon

Pest Control Devon

Fallen down yet another rabbit hole in the garden? Scared to get back into your favourite hobby of gardening because there’s a wasp nest hiding in the bush next to the hydrangeas? We know that pest control can be a living nightmare, which is why CMPC are here 24/7 to send the pests packing. 

Operating in the Devon area for over 20 years, we have a wealth of experience with every kind of pest - from bogeyman bed bugs, to crafty cockroaches – restoring your home or premises back to normal order before you end up pulling your hair out. 

Commercial Services

Nobody wants mice poo on their pizza, or rat droppings in their donner kebab, so make sure you tackle a pest threat in its first instance by giving us a call ASAP. Given that we’re open 24/7 365 days a year, we can come to the rescue at any time of the day.

Pest control issues in commercial settings aren’t confined to only eateries – creepy critters can infiltrate any work place – for example, have you ever tried to work in an office with a wasp’s nest snugly tucked below your only window, when it’s 28 degrees outside? Nobody got much work done that day… 

Domestic Services

Rent prices are expensive enough these days, so we can understand your frustration at little furry (or otherwise) friends moving in unannounced, without so much as a tenner here or there towards the bills. 

At CMPC, we endeavour to rid your home of these pesky freeloaders as quickly as possible, whilst remaining within environmental guidelines. Contact us today and we’ll come running to help you eradicate your pest problem as soon as physically possible – we understand your pain!

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