The cockroach will send a shiver down anyone’s spine; repulsive creatures that scuttle around properties and homes, once you see one, you know there are hundreds more…

Usually thought to be a sign of poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions, cockroaches, like many other pests, are attracted to places that are clean.

With all kinds of facts and figures, from being able to survive a nuclear bomb to there being over 3,000 species of this pesky insect being found across the globe, here in the UK, we only have 3 species with which to contend – the German cockroach, the Oriental cockroach or Common cockroach.

There are four times the number of infestations involving Oriental cockroaches than German ones, and yet the German cockroach can reproduce far more rapidly.

Despite there being 3 species in the UK, they all act the same and are all effectively exterminated and controlled in the same way; displaying similar habits too, cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, not enjoying the intrusion of light or people. They will eat literally anything they find.

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